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What we believe

We believe that by developing sustainable and practical alternatives, we inspire the makers, thinkers and dreamers to create change. We believe that we have a responsibility to leave a planet for future generations that is worth living on.

How we got there

With innovative, aesthetic stationery - developed with a continuous quest for more simplicity - we want to inspire people to see things differently and live more sustainably.

What we make

We develop durable and aesthetic notebooks made from recycled stone. They provide a waterproof and silky smooth surface for ideas, thoughts and sketches, inspiring greater productivity and creativity. At the same time, they protect the natural resources of our planet as they are made without trees and exclusively with recycled materials.

The woodless stone paper notebook is a proof of what can be achieved when we think differently and question the familiar. It is the result of a combination of human inventiveness, high quality and love for nature.